• Who is this event for? 

This event is open for teachers, students, policymakers and researchers around the world who want to design solutions to some of the most pressing issues facing education.

  • Who will be speaking?

The event will be divided into 7 topics (see http://nrns.glm.edu.co/en/topics/). Each topic has a key speaker and an expert panel that will discuss the main ideas and challenges. The speakers are meant to inspire the participants to create their collaborative solutions.

  • Does it cost to participate?

It will be a free event. This event will be as open and inclusive as possible, allowing participation from anyone in the world who is interested in education and innovation.

  • Is the event online?

Yes, it is completely online. We will use Zoom platform.

  • How do I attend a the event?

After you register and some days before the events you will receive the link and information to log in to the Zoom meeting.

  • Will I get an event certificate for attending?

Yes, you will receive a participation certificate, stating the number of hours invested, the topic you participated in, and the general information of the event. You will receive one certificate for each topic in which you participate.

  • Do I have to participate in the entire event?

You can register for the topic or topics you want to participate in. When you register for a topic you should commit to participating in the key speaker conference, the expert panel, and the design challenge teamwork. See the “event schedule” tab for information about dates and times: http://nrns.glm.edu.co/en/event-schedule/

  • How much time do I need to participate?

For each topic, you will invest approximately 8.5 hours distributed in 3 weeks. For more information on the expected time of each activity, visit the “methodology” tab: http://nrns.glm.edu.co/en/methodology/

  • How will the design challenge teamwork work?

We have designed a collaborative methodology based on design thinking, in which participants will work in teams to iterate solutions to challenges in the field of education that they will pitch to a panel of judges after encounters of agile collaboration.

The teams will have 4-5 people and will be randomly assigned in order to promote different perspectives and experiences working together.

Each time will meet 3 times ( 2 hours for each meeting):

  1. Ideation
  2. Prototype
  3. Final Product
  • Do I need prior experience in Design Thinking?

You don’t need prior experience in Design Thinking, each of the groups will have a facilitator who is an expert in the methodology we are going to use. Don’t be afraid to try something new, this experience will be enriching for everyone.

  • What would happen with my team’s proposal?

Each team will create an educational intervention (project, program, idea) that aims to solve one of the challenges presented for each topic. Every proposal will be judged by a panel of experts who will choose the most promising designs.

In December 2020 and in June 2021, the most promising designs will be invited to an exposition of their ideas. The attendees of the event will be teachers, students, policy-makers, researches and decision-makers that could potentially sponsor the ideas.

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